Project Handling

EASTREX LOGISTICS Sdn Bhd is a specialized turnkey Project Handler who is indulged in Chartering / Hiring Ocean Cargo Vessels and medium size Aircraft to handle projects both inwards and outwards.

We handle many oil refinery equipment projects by sea and air from various parts of Europe especially Germany and the Netherlands and also from United States to Malaysia and also to other region in Asia such as China, Indonesia, Philippines <, Thailand and Taiwan meet n fuck star mission.

We have also indulged in projects for moving and erection of high rise buildings like hotels in Philippines and China and aircraft hangers at Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong Airports in the region with latest e-logistics’ solutions at capcut

With the deploying of 8-line Cornetto hydraulic trailer linked side by side, this cargo (Dimension: 4m x 4m x 16.5m) is all set to begin its journey to the destination in Batam.

Transporting of these long cargoes require the use of 2 units (front and tail) of 32 axle-line trailer ‘turn table’ mounting line to enable them to negotiate corners metabolism pills and bends on the way to the installation sites.

Sea Freight

EASTREX LOGISTICS Sdn Bhd has grown beyond in-house customers whereby we are working in movements of rather large scales of traffic especially between the European continent and the Far East.

East Asia, West Asia, South Pacific and the America are covered with a reliable network of global connections with almost all major ports to extend tri-party logistics services to create a TOTAL LOGISTICS SERVICE to our esteemed customers cost-efficiency and cost-effectiveness a href=””>beste norske casinoer.

Air Freight

We have established to a larger scale operator in Airfreight with a highly caliber e-network of agency offices in major airports around the globe to cater e-services and e-operations from door-to-door as to the requirements needed in the manner to create a SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTION to customers.

Over the last 10 years we become very competitive with the entry of more International Airlines. As being the appointed agent of Emirates SkyCargo, China Airlines, Federal Express, Thai Airways and many more.

Pharma Transport Solutions

We provide logistics solutions for the needs of several multinational pharmaceutical companies. Our rates are competitive and cost effective.

All of our vehicles are temperature controlled with a range of -30 to + 30 degrees Celsius. All Eastrex drivers have been fully trained in G.D.P. and air freight security.

Throughout the delivery process, our customers are able to track the location and temperature of their products at any and at all times.

We also provide transport for Known Cargo with full vehicle tracking facilities.

Firearms Transport Solutions

We are able to handle large defence items such as Aircraft, tanks and armoured vehicles, as well as other weapon systems and related infrastructure, by all modes of Transport, Air Road and Sea.

Dangerous Goods Transportation

Eastrex is a fully certified dangerous goods packing, consulting logistics company. All of our staff are skilled and experienced in transporting all types of dangerous goods, be it domestically or internationally via air, sea or land freight.

With various partner offices around the world, our vast network makes it possible to provide assistance in any import, export and domestic supply of dangerous goods among our consumers .

On your behalf, we can communicate with the local authorities ensuring that your import or export is completed on time and is hassle free.

We guarantee you the highest level of quality and safety as adhered with the industry and our own ISO standards in business.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage is essentially “clearing” goods through import and export customs barriers.  It involves: calculating the payment of taxes, duties and excises, the preparation of documents, and often translating between government authorities and the importers and exporters.

Every single day the amount of goods and materials that cross international borders is immense.

Different countries require different information in clearing these goods through customs – something that can be underestimated at times. We undertake this responsibility on your behalf as we understand the different customs rules, regulations and laws regarding goods entering or leaving countries.

These rules are constantly changing and it would be near impossible for our customers to keep up to date with them.  This is our responsibility as your freight forwarder which allows you to concentrate on more important matters – your business.

One of the biggest cause of delay in freighting are mistakes in paperwork. We know that customs do not tolerate mistakes, and having an experienced professional on your side is a huge advantage.


We transport goods through land and rail. With our advanced technology systems and tracking facilities, we can ensure that your goods reach their destination on time.

We also offer Third Party Logistics, Government Agencies Requirements, Door to Door Freight Services, Import / Export Documentation, Freight Consolidation and Packing, Bonded/General Warehousing & Temporary Storage (Ambient/Cold)